Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

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christmas gift ideas $10- beauty control sampler spa bag
$5 – Bath and Body Works scentportables visor air freshner
under $5 – soft lips holiday pack
costume jewlery (forever 21)
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25 Responses to “Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas”

  1. lovekooties Says:

    what a sexy mouth …
    what a sexy mouth you have!

  2. GermanSniperBayArea Says:

    im getting a gift …
    im getting a gift for secret santa at work for this girl…. i dont know what to get her…..

  3. psacoustic Says:


  4. kassummi Says:

    Great ideas, I am …
    Great ideas, I am going to get some of Those item.

  5. BiancaMakeup97 Says:


  6. angelluvesyou Says:

    best video ive seen …
    best video ive seen so far. everyone has the same things, but yours are different things and the best pics. awesome vid and great finds/ideas. thanks!

  7. Lulucupcake252 Says:

    try ELF cosmetics …
    try ELF cosmetics at Target. They have lots of makeup for only $1.00

  8. MrLiamantonyhoughton Says:

    your pretty 🙂
    your pretty 🙂

  9. hhw215 Says:

    Hey Everybody, …
    Hey Everybody, Heres a GREAT Christmas Resource,Spoil Your Loved Ones And Save Some Money!!! Visit

  10. kgrocks9 Says:

    what i do is u buy …
    what i do is u buy those mini stockings from hobby lobby and stick stuff in those!! its really cute!!!

  11. michaeljacksonfan437 Says:

    What type of …
    What type of guitar do you have?

  12. MrsTayTay1000 Says:

    How do u get ppl to …
    How do u get ppl to watch ur vids???

  13. giftideas01 Says:

    Well done
    Well done

  14. viviekittie Says:

    thanks this was …
    thanks this was really helpful *^-^*

  15. DorPurseFreak Says:

    Nicely Done ! :)
    Nicely Done ! :)

  16. LifeAintLittle Says:

    I used that idea …
    I used that idea for stocking stuffers and such. In general, their actual gift was something different. But I have a lot of friends, too. When you’ve got a budget of about $200 that you have to budget for friends AND family, it gets a little tough.

  17. lovefunpeace Says:

    thats cheap. Why …
    thats cheap. Why dont you considering you love people enough you wont get them some stuff from a grocery store……

  18. UniqueGiftIdeasFor Says:

    Great xmas gift …
    Great xmas gift ideas.Cool!

  19. Thehoagie99 Says:

    Only girls, that …
    Only girls, that really BI!

  20. natesmom2244 Says:

    great ideas!!!
    great ideas!!!

  21. LifeAintLittle Says:

    Another way you can …
    Another way you can use the bags you had is to go to walmart/wallgreens/target or whatever, get some lipglosses for like $1.00 and different stuff from the travel section, and then maybe get some lipsmackers lipchap in the quantanty size (like the ones with 10 different flavors in it). Open the lipchap and put one in each bag, and some lipgloss and travel section stuff if you want. Maybe even candy if your friends have a sweet tooth. That’s what I’m doing this year. Saves money 🙂

  22. CherryLipstickXOXO Says:

    way cute video!!
    way cute video!!

  23. hunnibunninooner Says:

    very good!!!!!!!
    very good!!!!!!!

  24. lilfeefifofum Says:

    great gift ideas :]
    great gift ideas :]

  25. rawrrxbrooke Says:

    i think im gna use …
    i think im gna use the christmas bag idea :)

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