Baby’s First Christmas – Gift Ideas

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christmas gift ideas Cutie Pie video for my Cuties-
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Since it will be baby’s first Christmas, I thought it would be fun to put together a Holiday Gift Guide or Ideas for anyone that’s pregnant and going to have a baby, has a baby in their family, or even a toddler!
Here’s some of our tried and tested baby things that we love!!! And I mean LOVE….that little bee toy puts her right to sleep in the car!!!

We went to buy my niece the same pink laptop at the store, because she loved the baby’s and it was not available in store, so I will put all the online links to make sure you can find them:


V-tech Pink Baby Learning Laptop

Baby Einstein Caterpillar Fun Bundle (rattle, teether, ball, and baby “ipod”)

Bright Starts- Drop & Giggle Giraffe

V-tech Touch & Learn Musical Bee

AWARD WINNING BABY SEAT WE GIVE our “own award of awesomeness” to, too:

MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE BABY MONITOR, EVER! This is worth every penny!
Summer Infant- BabyTouch Color Video Monitor

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hugs from me and baby….. Kandee and Cupcake

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24 Responses to “Baby’s First Christmas – Gift Ideas”

  1. Aylawise Says:

    Awwwww she is so …
    Awwwww she is so cute

  2. TheLuvleeLala Says:

    Her name is Elyse
    Her name is Elyse

  3. BeSparkledRock2000 Says:

    What’s the baby’s …
    What’s the baby’s name?? She’s so cute

  4. shelsieawsomevloger Says:


  5. RoryMakeupChannel Says:

    does kandee have 4 …
    does kandee have 4 kids???

  6. cartaomagico Says:

    your baby is so …
    your baby is so cute

  7. XxomgitscaseyxX Says:

    Elyse, Ellie for …
    Elyse, Ellie for short

  8. kathyrox1469 Says:

    Is the babys name …
    Is the babys name cupcake?

  9. Incuheartz Says:

    Ahh, your daughter …
    Ahh, your daughter is so beautiful! I can’t get over how happy she always is :). I loved it when you put a giant grin on her face at the beginning of the video haha.

  10. LoveRaquelGarcia Says:

    Seriously!!! Diaper …
    Seriously!!! Diaper changes are like WW3
    I need to get that bee 🙂

  11. zetra18 Says:

    Poof they change …
    Poof they change clothes poof they change back

  12. mbrause08 Says:

    I just love how …
    I just love how well you get along with your kids. I hope one day I am just as fun and outgoing as you as a mom. you are wonderful and I wish the best for you, hun. Thank you so much for your tips and tricks and fun times 🙂

  13. Jen Carter Says:

    It’s probably been …
    It’s probably been said like 20 times but just in case, all music before a certain time is called “public domain”, which means it can be used however you want. It came before copyright laws and therefor was never copyrighted. 🙂 Love the helpful video and Elise is SOOOO cute. Top 10 cutest babies I’ve ever seen.

  14. ttaylorberryy Says:

    Since she has four …
    Since she has four kids and one of them is 15, I think it’s safe to say that she’s older than 20 hahah

  15. amatson77 Says:

    Gawd I love that …
    Gawd I love that couch!

  16. RyanLikesAmp Says:


  17. jasjas1112 Says:

    i can’t get over …
    i can’t get over how adorable your baby is:) you both are incredibly beautiful!

  18. morgmo1122 Says:

    how old r u 20
    how old r u 20

  19. maggierees Says:

    what is her namee? …
    what is her namee? i thought it was baby for a minute… hahahaaa

  20. shaunabrooke Says:

    That is ONE happy …
    That is ONE happy and BEAUTIFUL baby girl 🙂

  21. santhiya thennarasu Says:

    your baby is soo …
    your baby is soo cute when it smile♥

  22. luvindemnails Says:

    Cute baby stuff
    Cute baby stuff

  23. MtjEv Says:

    1;11 where did ur …
    1;11 where did ur baby goes?

  24. Eva13Ors Says:

    soooo cute!
    soooo cute!

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