7 Christmas Gift Ideas!

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christmas gift ideas Thumbs up for DIY gift guide!!! =) thanks for watching and being nice to me lol.. Sorry I’m quiet!! People were shleeeepingggg x)

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Pj bottoms -target
Aromatherapy candle- target
Tazo rest tea – Amazon
faults in our stars book – Target
Clip Photo holder – http://bit.ly/18SRJmX
Sequin stockings -target
Benefit gift set – Ulta
Tart lip gloss gift set – ulta
Bath robe – target
Shower gel – Ulta
Stocking stuffers – Ulta
Slippers- Ulta
3 piece tight set- http://bit.ly/1jdBurl
Glue gun- amazon
Mod podge- target
gems- target
Precision scissors- target
giraffe earbuds – target
itunes gift card
floral phone case- target

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FTC: bought everything on my own (except luvocracy photo thingy..I asked them for that ^_^) These are real gifts that I’m gifting to my friends and family…and stay tuned because I will be giving YOU guys some gifts in my next vid! =)

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  1. Anna Scharlat Says:

    I have the phone …
    I have the phone case

  2. Eleonora Cagar Says:

    Yes, I liked :)
    Yes, I liked :)

  3. Belle Tseitlin Says:

    I did the bedtime …
    I did the bedtime package and my friend loved it!!!

  4. Wendy McCreery Says:

    not to cuss to much …
    not to cuss to much! ^.^

  5. MissRubyChirples Says:

    Haha i have the …
    Haha i have the bathrobe and pajama pants 

  6. barbara blaga Says:

    yes i Liked it <3
    yes i Liked it <3

  7. 911marshmallow Says:

    cute *.*
    cute *.*

  8. wellyface Says:

    Really late …
    Really late watching this video but ahhhh I would LOVE to receive a bed
    time package like that as a gift, brilliant choices! xx

  9. Sonal Dhanturi Says:

    YES i definitely …
    YES i definitely liked :)

  10. Nina Miletic Says:

    the amount of times …
    the amount of times that you say “little” is craaaaazzyy <3

  11. evelyn aros Says:

    Can u plz make a …
    Can u plz make a video of ideas for Valentine presents pretty plzzzz

  12. kate hardy Says:


  13. Molly Simpson Says:

    I loved this xx
    I loved this xx

  14. Erika's Channel Says:

    aha, yes, I liked …
    aha, yes, I liked it! :)

  15. Azalea1234 Says:

    Yes I liked 
    Yes I liked 

  16. Raphaelle Tremblay Says:

    9:02 your dog is …
    9:02 your dog is like;uh?

  17. Chris si Says:

    4:43 Gretchen! stop …
    4:43 Gretchen! stop trying to make fetch happen, it’s not going to happen !!

    Thank you for the great ideas, good video :)

  18. Alanna Southerland Says:


  19. Claudia Chang Says:

    This is really …
    This is really helpful. Lots of nice ideas and inspiration. (: Thanks for

  20. Crystal Li Says:

    I have the bathrobe
    I have the bathrobe

  21. Charlie Gibbons Says:

    Can u do a make up …
    Can u do a make up gift Idea 

  22. Monica Alvarado Says:

    holy wow you are …
    holy wow you are GORGEOUS. You probably get this all the time, but you look
    so much like either Rosario Dawson and Jordin Sparks! You’re lovely :)

  23. Nadia Dawson Says:

    yes, i liked (:
    yes, i liked (:

  24. Leticia Diamint Says:

    Yes, i liked it
    Yes, i liked it

  25. TheStellar16 Says:

    My new year’s …
    My new year’s resolution is to stop making them resolutions coz I never
    fulfill any of my resolutions,. Instead, I will just do my own thing and
    make the best out if it! Love your vids!! 

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