Rapiddominance Army Back to the Basics Cap, ACU

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military gift
Product DescriptionThe Back to Basics Military cap is a 6-Panel, constructed cap featuring high quality embroidery of various military and law enforcement agencies. These caps include a cotton sweatband, stitched eyelets and a curved bill.

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Snack Box Care Package (35 Count) features savory snacks, sweet candy treats, and quick easy-to-prepare meals, the perfect gift for your college student, military, or break room.

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military gift
Product DescriptionThis Snack Box Care Package has 35 individually wrapped snacks–enjoy for yourself, share with roommates (dorm room gold!), stock up the office break room, or send as a care package or gift. Each box contains: (2) Act II Butter Lovers microwave popcorn, (2) Maruchan Instant Lunch, (2) Maruchan Ramen, (1) Nongshim Noodle Soup Bowl , (2) Chex Mix, (2) Cheez It crackers, (2) Famous Amos cookies, (2) Grandma’s cookies, (4) Kellogg’s Fruity Snacks, (2) Kar’s Sweet & Salty, (2) Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Almond Granola Bars, (2) Nature Valley Oats n’ Honey Granola Bars, (1) Starburst, (1) Skittles, (6) Dum Dums original pops, (2) Charms blow pops.

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EZ Care Package (48 Count) With Snack Gifts Best Gift For College Student And Military Care Package

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military gift
Product Description

Snack-In-A-Box® EZ Care Packages are packed with a variety of 48 individual-serving sized snacks. These tasty snacks are an assortment of the favorite choices in a survey of college care packages and care packages for military.

Each box contains:

• (2) 1.25 oz Cracker Jacks,

• (2) 1.5 oz White Cheddar Cheez-Its

• (2) 1.75 oz Chex Mix

• (1) 2 oz Famous Amos Cookies

• (1) 1.6 oz Keebler M&M Cookies

• (2) 2 oz Austin Zoo Animal Crackers

• (1) 1.5 oz Goldfish Crackers

• (2) 1 oz Planter’s Salted Peanuts

• (1) 2 oz Kars Sweet & Salty Mix

• (1) 1.2 oz Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Nut Almond Bar

• (1) 1.2 oz Nature Valley Trail Mix Bar

• (1) 2 oz Oreo 6-pack

• (1) Lorna Doone 1.5 oz cookie

• (3) .28 oz Slim Jim,

• (2) .8 oz Mott’s Medleys

• (2) .6 oz Daily Chef Animal Fruit Snacks

• (1) 1.5 oz Ritz Bits Crackers

• (3) .55 oz Assorted Airheads

• (1) 2.0 oz Fudge Stripe Cookie

• (1) .9 oz Fruit Gushers

• (1) Juicy Fruit gum

• (1) Big Red gum

• (1) Doublemint gum

• (4) assorted Dum Dums lollipops

• (2) assorted Blowpops

• (4) Atomic Fireballs and

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Kizoa Video Maker: Armed Forces/ Military Gift Baskets & Care Packages-Lady Lois La Bella Baskets

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military gift Support Our Troops And Give A Gift Basket Or Care Package To Our Dedicated Military Men & Women To Show Them You Care And Appreciate Their Service!


Kizoa Video Maker – http://www.kizoa.com

Duration : 0:5:16

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Military Cool LED Display Colorful Light Digital Sport Water-proof Stealth fighter Style Wrist Watches with Silicone Strap – Grey

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military gift
Product DescriptionKeep up with the fashion you could not miss this elegant digital wrist watch! This fashionable digital display led wrist watch offers high precision and elegant appearance. This watch is very durable and support long time using. This wrist watch provides your schedules never get early or late. The watch features LED display, time is directly showed on it. Practical and stylish, this LED digital wrist watch well serves as a foil to your personality!


1. Turn on/ change light effects:

Press the Left Up button to turn on the effects. Hold the Left up button at least 3 seconds for changing light effect.

2. Check date:

Press the Right Up button only once at standard time indication.

3. Chronograph function:

Press the Left Down button once and the Right Up button to start/ pause the stopwatch

Press the Right Down button for recovering.

4. Set alarm time:

Under standard time indication, press the Left Down button twice and enter into the alarm setting mode. the Right Up button to set alarm and the Right Down button to shift.

5. Turn on/ off alarm:

In normal mode, hold The Right Up button and press the Right Down button to turn on/ off alarm.

6. Adjust time, date, day of week:

Under standard time indication, press the Left Down button thrice and enter into the time/date/week setting mode.

A.SET time: Tap the Right Down button once the minutes will flash, tap the Right Up button to adjust correct minutes.

B.SET DATE: Tap the Right Down button thrice the date will flash, tap the Right Up button to adjust correct date.

C.SET WEEK:Tap the Right Down button five times the weeks will flash, tap the Right Up button to adjust correct week .

7. Switch 12/24-hour systems:

Under time setting mode, 12/24-hour system can be shift while adjusting Hours.

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MilSO Valentine’s Day Gift Guide (Military & Long Distance Relationships)

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military gift Happy Valentine’s Day!
With little under a month until Valentine’s Day I thought I’d make this video which mainly focusses on gifts for Military and Long Distance Relationships.

Websites Mentioned
www.mancrates.com – The Care Package Crate
www.mymms.com – Personalized M&Ms
www.casetagram.com – Custom Phone Cases
www.boldloft.com – The Pillowcases
www.memeoirs.com – The emails into hardcover book

My Christmas Gift Guide http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqXsXuPrmGQ
Also has some cool gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

My Other Videos – www.YouTube.com/CocktailsWithAriana

My personal Instagram – @ariana_hall
My YouTube Instagram – @CocktailsWithAriana

I hope you have an amazing Valentine’s Day! xxx Ariana

Duration : 0:11:12

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Paul Walker gave a generous $9K gift to a military couple

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military gift Kristen and Kyle Upham share their story of how the “Fast & Furious” star bought them a $9,000 ring after running into him at a high-end jewelry store

Duration : 0:2:18

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Military Combat (Battle 360 Season 1 / Dogfights Seasons 1 and 2 / Dogfights of the Future)

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military gift
Product DescriptionIt s an entirely new way to look at warfare. From ferocious battles waged by USS Enterprise, the most decorated aircraft carrier of World War II, to death-defying dogfights involving hero pilots and lethal planes, this 14-disc set from HISTORY uses cutting-edge CGI to plunge you into the actual missions, reproduced with historical accuracy and startling realism.

BATTLE 360 tracks the Enterprise and its men as they fight off the enemy from the air, sea and underwater. You’re in the cockpit as DOGFIGHTS: THE COMPLETE SEASON ONE follows these rarefied pilots over the skies of Guadalcanal, Korea, and Vietnam. Fabled fighter jocks from the dawn of dogfighting in World War I to Desert Storm are the top guns in DOGFIGHTS: THE COMPLETE SEASON TWO, while DOGFIGHTS OF THE FUTURE gives a fascinating preview of the next generation of fighter aircraft and tactics.

The ship, the aircraft, the bravery, and most of all, the heroes they’re all here in MILITARY COMBAT.

DVD Features: Additional Footage; Feature-length Pilot Episode ”Dogfights: The Greatest Air Battles”; Behind-the-Scenes Featurette ”Dogfights: The Planes”

Programs per disc:
Disc 1: Battle 360 S1, Vol 1: Call to Duty / Vengeance at Midway / Jaws of the Enemy
Disc 2: Battle 360 S1, Vol 2: Bloody Santa Cruz / Enterprise vs. Japan / The Grey Ghost
Disc 3: Battle 360 S1, Vol 3: Hammer of Hell / D-Day in the Pacific
Disc 4: Battle 360 S1, Vol 4: Battle of Leyte Gulf / The Empire’s Last Stand / bonus material
Disc 5: Dogfights S1, Vol 1: MiG Alley / Air Ambush / Bonus
Disc 6: Dogfights S1, Vol 2: Flying Tigers / Guadalcanal / Hell Over Hanoi
Disc 7: Dogfights S1, Vol 3: The Zero Killer / The Last Gunfighter / Death of the Japanese Navy
Disc 8: Dogfights S1, Vol 4: Hunt for the Bismarck / Long Odds / Dogfights Of The Middle East / Bonus
Disc 9: Dogfights S2, Vol 1: Kamikaze / Jet vs. Jet / Thunderbolt / Gun Kills of Vietnam
Disc 10: Dogfights S2, Vol 2: Desert Aces / The First Dogfighters / Luftwaffe s Deadliest Mission / No Room for Error
Disc 11: Dogfights S2, Vol 3: Night Fighters / The Bloodiest Day / P-51 Mustang
Disc 12: Dogfights S2, Vol 4: Dogfights of Desert Storm / Tuskegee Airmen / MiG Killers of the Midway
Disc 13: Dogfights S2, Vol 5: Supersonic / Death of the Luftwaffe / Secret Weapons
Disc 14: Dogfights of the Future

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Custom Military Retirement Gifts | Stunning Military Gift!

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military gift Military Retirement Gifts – http://www.MilitaryMemoriesAndMore.com. Call Today:1(309)289-0099
If you are looking for a unique retirement gift for a military soldier, then you are most definitely at the right place. We have a specialized twist to our version of a military retirement gift ideas. We add in a custom cut mat board that is designed to enhance the overall look of the military shadow box displays. We offer custom shadow box frames for all branches of military service and much much more. Our motto goes as follows: “If you can imagine it, we can frame it.”

Like Us On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MilitaryMemoriesandMore

Follow Us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mmmcustomframes

Link to this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZeG-kKONB4

Check out some of our other video we have made:

How To Make A Military Shadow Box: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wNSBHSUwOo

Flag Display Case: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQEHUJK7spI

Military Shadow Box Displays: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXFVOHO83yI

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Ideas for Personalized Military Gifts

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military gift Here at DiscountMugs.com we are proud to offer a wide variety of promotional items all which are easy to customize. If you are looking for a great military gift then hopefully this video will help you generate some ideas. Make sure to click the link below to check out our full range of fully customizable military gifts

Duration : 0:3:35

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