Anniversary gift ideas ❀ boyfriend gift guide

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anniversary gifts ideas hey guys! so my anniversary with my boyfriend passed not too long ago, and since buying presents for guys is HORRIBLE I thought I would share what I got him and what he got me.

Included for him is how to present concert tickets, a gift bag, a BIG gift and for me a bunch of makeup πŸ˜‰


FTC: Half of this was purchased by me, the rest was gifted by my boyfriend.

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Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Containing Godiva Gold Premium Chocolate

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anniversary gifts ideas
Product DescriptionAn elegant gift made for premium chocolate that is beyond compare. Indulge your chocolate lover with the finest in Godiva Chocolate. It’s perfect for birthdays, congratulations, thank you and holidays – sure to impress with the quality of goodies inside. Your gift is elegantly presented in a gold gift basket containing: Godiva Milk Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Godiva Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds, Godiva Milk Chocolate Bar, Godiva Milk Chocolate Caramel Bar, Godiva Dark Chocolate Raspberry Filling Bar, Godiva 50% Cacao Dark Chocolate Mint Bar, Godiva Signature Dark Truffle Heart Biscuits, Godiva Assorted Milk Chocolate Gems, and Godiva White Chocolate Pearls. Each basket is hand crafted with attention to detail and tied with a bow for presentation.Β  To include a personalized gift message or to notify your recipient who purchased this thoughtful gift, you must select GIFT during checkout, allowing you to input your own personalized best wishes. This is an original gift basket arrangement designed by Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets.

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Anniversary Gifts for my Boyfriend :)

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anniversary gifts ideas Here are the links where I got those cute ideas πŸ™‚

*Mini Scrapbook Album*

*Linked Spiral Hearts*

*I heart U Pop-up Card*


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A Wooden Decorative Jewelry Storage Box or Organizer with Floral Design & Red Velvet Interiors Birthday or Anniversary Gift Ideas for Women & Girls

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anniversary gifts ideas
Product Description

Namaste!! We at India Ethnicity bring the real India to the world through handcrafted products that are cherished Globally. What’s more rewarding than an Artisan crafting a unique artifact, and in return, receive a platform to craft their own way of life.

This gorgeous jewelry box is embellished with Mughal and Persian inspired motifs including small flowers, intertwining leaves, amris and butties, which are inlaid against the dark wood, to create a stunning effect. Not only is the box beautiful, but also has great utility for storing jewelry & smaller accessories.The inside of the box is layered with red velvet thereby ensuring its contents remain scratch free as well as adding to it’s charm.The box is made by artisans from Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India which is internationally famous for this craft and its artisans who have been creating magic with the material for years by ‘breathing life into dead trees’, as they proudly put it.If you are looking for a special gift or a beautiful way to organize your jewelry, this is perfect for you. Read more…

Fun, Affordable, Sweet, and Intimate Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples

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anniversary gifts ideas Here’s more fun and affordable anniversary gift ideas just like the last week’s video. The word of the day is spontaneity!

If you’re looking for a really fun, affordable, sweet, and intimate evening together to celebrate your anniversary without spending a fortune then you’ve come to the right place.

Go to and check out their selection of adult DVDs. They’ve got a few that are perfect for couples like Intimate Encounters DVD and 101 Sex positions DVD for Lovers. But there’s a huge selection so browse around and when you get to checkout type in Adam and Eve Offer Code GIFT100. Don’t forget because you’ll get 50% OFF, FREE Shipping and More…

But maybe you might want to consider fun, lighthearted ways to spend an evening together that’s something that will make you both laugh and you’ll never forget. Just like pitching a tent in the living room or turning out all the lights and filling the room with candles. Or better yet you put the tent on the back porch and toast marshmallows on the hibachi.

Then when you go to bed where you can snuggle up together in the sleeping bag inside the tent and have all kinds of unforgettable fun. So you would ask, why not just go camping? Well sure , but that takes a lot more planning and besides you wouldn’t be able to watch those adult DVDs if you were out in the woods now would you.

Go to and pick up a few of their adult DVDs such just how the couples DVDs make for a simply unforgettable anniversary. At checkout, remember the Adam and Eve Offer Code GIFT100 and you’ll get 50% OFF, FREE Shipping and a FREE Mystery Gift! You can’t beat it. Well Happy Camping!

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Cute Idea’s For Your BF/GF: Gifts by the Hour | MISSMARIYAXO

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anniversary gifts ideas Would you love it of someone did this idea for you?!
What presents would you want to see in the surprise box?

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Also- be sure to check out my boyfriend’s poetry channel:

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Irish Clover Necklace Stainless Steel – This Pendant necklace (chain included) is a great gift idea for a lover, wife, husband, relative, boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance or friend. Romantic gift! Perfect anniversary gift idea. Love and relationship jewelry necklace! Category: Stainless steel jewelry – Stainless steel pendant necklaces for women / men / ladies or girls. Design: For women or men!

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anniversary gifts ideas
Product DescriptionHigh quality stainless steel CZ pendant with etched design. Chain included. One size fits all.

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DIY 1 Direction Inspired: For any special occasion: Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Gift

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anniversary gifts ideas Great Valentines Day gift for your special guy or anyone special. You can customize it to fit your needs. Hope you like it, if you do rate it & subscribe for more =) . Much love to you!

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2 DIY Anniversary/Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him or Her

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anniversary gifts ideas I actually got these ideas from Pinterest, so I am not taking credit!
I gave the 365 Things I Love About You Jar to my boyfriend on out anniversary, he basically was speechless, and said he’s not been given something so meaningful. I know he gets excited to read a new strip of paper everyday πŸ™‚

The Date Night Jar will be given to my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day πŸ™‚ I hope he will enjoy it!

You can twist these DIYs up anyway to fit your style, and they’re definitely affordable! I got all of the craft material from Hobby Lobby!

Ideas for the 365 Jar:
I love…
1. that you listen to me
2. our pictures together
3. how good you look in blue
4. that you put up with my indecisiveness
5. the way you comfort me
6.that you’re honest with me
7. how you tell me I’m beautiful no matter what
8. that you always tell me, “You can do it.”
9. the memories we share
10. the little surprises you get me
…as you can imagine, everyone’s list will be different! Add inside jokes, and unique things to your relationship. Don’t worry, once you realize how hard it really is, you may be like “WHAT, this is impossible!” Just keep thinking, you’ll get to 365!

Date Night Jar Ideas:
Red = Money and Planning
1. Go paint mugs at a pottery shop
2. Restaurant Hop (different restaurant for appetizer, dinner, dessert)
3. Dave & Busters/Arcade
4. Weekend Away
5. Go rock-climbing
You probably will have less, and want less of these!

Pink = Little Money and Little Planning
1. Go play mini-golf
2. Go get ice cream
3. Grab a milkshake
4. Play our own version of “Chopped”…choose random ingredients and make a meal!
5. Go play Lazer Tag

White = No Money/At home (My favorite)
1. Play a board game
2. Play video games
3. Exercise
4. At home massage/spa
5. Make a YouTube video
6. Make a dessert from scratch
7. Cook dinner together
8. Go on a picnic

Comment below if you decide to make either of these!
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My Anniversary Gift to Lisa

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anniversary gifts ideas I ( ) placed this folder on my wife’s desktop ( ) to celebrate our third anniversary.

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