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24 Responses to “Room Decor & Decorating Tips”

  1. BehindBeautyTV Says:

    where is your old …
    where is your old furniture from… or are you selling it

  2. PaolaNicohl Says:

    i looked up your …
    i looked up your bed on the website it’s 499 🙁

  3. MyCupcake99 Says:

    Tysm for the tips. …
    Tysm for the tips. They were so helpful. (:
    Please do a video on your closet. Tc. x

  4. kristenbaeppler Says:

    @oreotartar I …
    @oreotartar I can’t really believe u because u said nort

  5. xobeautifulyyou Says:

    this was so …
    this was so helpful!

  6. oreotartar Says:

    when you are …
    when you are reading this don’t sop or somethig bad will happen. this girl’s name summer. she hase blond hair, many cars and she hase no ears. she is dead. if you don’t copy this in 5 more videos, one dark night she will apear besideyou’re bed when you are expecting it and she will kill you. this is nort a joke. if you post this in 5 videos sonething good will happen to you.

  7. Clepsone67 Says:

    My room is smaller …
    My room is smaller:(

  8. NSNgurl Says:

    My closet is …
    My closet is smaller than yours

  9. glitteryspray Says:

    look at her room …
    look at her room tour! she kinda says it there i believe!

  10. Xxnattichic123xX Says:

    I try to enjoy your …
    I try to enjoy your vids but I can’t stand it when you swallow and swallow !!!!!

  11. LagunaBeachLove10 Says:

    this isn’t a room …
    this isn’t a room tour video, it’s a decorating tips video 🙂 lol

  12. jennifer paradela Says:

    u talk alot in this …
    u talk alot in this video before u do the room tour

  13. Beautyteen193 Says:

    i subbed
    i subbed

  14. pinklover661 Says:

    This was so helpful
    This was so helpful

  15. morgyv Says:

    i have a small room …
    i have a small room with no closet with a small dresser do you have any tips???

  16. TharpaChezom Says:

    where can i get …
    where can i get crystal knobs

  17. LagunaBeachLove10 Says:

    If you watch my …
    If you watch my room tour I say where each piece is from 🙂

  18. bncooltina Says:

    thats cool you got …
    thats cool you got your furniture under 500 but where ?

  19. abbeysaurus Says:

    hey i had an idea …
    hey i had an idea for your broken mirror thing. you could maybe turn it into a photo frame, I’m not really sure how you would you could maybe get a piece of glass cut to that size, i don’t know. but yeah just a little suggestion <3

  20. sophieICupcakes Says:

    I don’t have a …
    I don’t have a closet at all -.- I need to put my clothes in shelves, which takes away SO MUCH room! D:

  21. samadhi1995 Says:

    can do like coset …
    can do like coset tour or just show ur we in iceland we live in apartment and we always have like the smallest clsets ever so i would really liek to see urs and get like inspired and like show us how u organize ur closet! pleaseeeeeeeeeee xoxo 🙂

  22. blazingirl3003 Says:

    Thanks a ton for …
    Thanks a ton for sharing your tips and suggestions. I’ve noticed that most bloggers only do room tours but never suggest any room decor tips which could help us. You obviously noticed that! Good job! I also appreciate that you shared the prices of all those items and the fact that you bought it during sale, most people wouldn’t mention that. It’ll be very useful when I start shopping for my room soon. And, yes, I’ll def be buying mirrored furniture 🙂

  23. reesespnutbuttercup Says:


  24. en16soccer Says:

    You are wonderful! …
    You are wonderful! I subscribed.(: You’re one of my new favorite people here on youtube!

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