Become a Frugalista – Money-Saving Secrets for the Frugal Family Manager

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Product DescriptionWe all have a dream. Many family managers dream of having more financial freedom to enjoy daily life with family and not be so financially strapped they can’t afford to buy anything or go anywhere. They might dream of finally affording that long-overdue vacation, replacing old furniture, remodeling their home, or maybe something even bigger.

Become a Frugalista — Money-Saving Secrets for the Frugal Family Manager is loaded with ideas and tips to teach you how to always get the best deal, save money, and cut expenses without having to drastically change your lifestyle. These are easy strategies anyone can incorporate into their daily life that will make a big difference in the long run.

This ebook is not about making millions. It’s about living well while spending less. It’s about spending less because you just don’t have it to spend. It’s about spending less in order to create more to share with others, plan a vacation, or being able to do whatever you’ve been dreaming about.

Become a Frugalista — Money-Saving Secrets for the Frugal Family Manager has 30 chapters that are chock full of ways to get more for your hard-earned dollar and do more with your family for less money.

Throughout these 30 chapters, we’ll cover the following topics:

Keeping a budget and earning extra money
Saving money on entertainment, eating out, and travel
Saving money on cooking and grocery shopping
Saving money on household expenses
Extra saving secrets (additional tips, tricks, and secrets)
Tips, techniques, and systems you’ll learn during your journey to become a frugalista include:

How to earn free money
Selling items online for extra cash
Taking advantage of credit card cash-back programs
Purchasing and utilizing gift cards
Getting more bang for your buck
Double and triple dipping to save more faster
Saving money on family vacations
Effectively saving with coupons
How club memberships can save you money
How to save money on health-related items/prescriptions
Utilizing websites that can save you money, including links to several sites I personally use or suggest looking into
How to cut back on things you must have
And many more!
In Become a Frugalista — Money-Saving Secrets for the Frugal Family Manager, I share how these money-saving secrets supported me during my time as a single mother and how they are helping me see one of my long-time dreams come true today. Saving money is never easy, but these techniques worked for me and I believe they can help anyone that puts their mind to becoming a frugalista!

Don’t give up on your dreams! I encourage you to read this ebook and implement as many strategies as you can. Results may come slowly at first, but keep your eye on your dream and you will see it coming closer every day!

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