My Top Shopping Apps on Android

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best shopping apps In this video I show my favorite shopping apps for Android. These are always in my shopping folder no matter what phone I have. In this video I show the apps on my current phone the Samsung Galaxy S3. These apps are all free at the Google Play store.

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  1. Pugsley Addams Says:

    duude awesome viedo …
    duude awesome viedo… please tell me what theme are you using on your
    phone its amazing. does it comes with this neat keyboard 2 ? :)

  2. Marc The Geek Says:

    @wldcol21 this is …
    @wldcol21 this is the leaked keyboard for jelly Bean 4.2, love the way
    Google did the swiping feature.

  3. Why Play For KD Says:

    I want you to show …
    I want you to show me the steps to sell something on ebay please

  4. TabletGaminTechCrap Says:

    I always just use …
    I always just use the web browser for all that. It keeps a bit of free
    space for video games! ^_^

  5. spencer allison Says:

    Is that swipe board
    Is that swipe board

  6. Martinx88813 Says:


  7. Zaid Alnaib Says:

    If you have any1 …
    If you have any1 interested in buying galaxy nexus, as brand new, let me

  8. TRoq ALAhmadi Says:

    what kind of …
    what kind of keyboard do u use > > ?

  9. edwin maldonado Says:

    good vid man ..
    good vid man ..

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