Best Shopping Apps! Your Phone & Wallet Will Thank You!

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best shopping apps Check Out TopHatter Here! Tophatter Mobile Link! Check Out Ebay! Check Out Groupon Check Out Lifebooker Check Out HauteLook Click SHOW MORE!!!

Yesterday’s Video: DIY Pumpkin Face Mask For Acne!!
My Favorite Brands That Give Back! Change The World By Shopping!!!

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What I’m Wearing In This Video:
Black V Neck T Shirt From TopShop
Purple Cardigan From GAH I Don’t Remember Where!
Red Stanford Sweatpants
Black Ribbon Hairband
Tophatter Necklace Silver Owl & Leaf
Aldo Two Finger Ring
Tiffany Silver Heart Earrings

Mom: “How are your grades this semester?”
Me: “Mom, what’s important is that we have our health.”

😀 more tweets at 🙂

Makeup In This Video:
Givenchy Foundation
Dermablend Setting Powder
Jane Cosmetics Pink Blush
Maybeline Highlighter
Neutrogen Moisture Chapstick
Natural Eye Tutorial!:


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  1. th1smomentisfate Says:

    i love her videos, …
    i love her videos, but those slobbery noises she makes drives me nuts. =/

  2. Matt Friend Says:

    Wait…why do you …
    Wait…why do you have Grindr?

  3. abirsashee Says:

    You look like the …
    You look like the girl in “Say Anything” with John Cusack. She was
    beautiful too!

  4. Cassandra Bankson, DiamondsAndHeels14 Says:

    Who loves to LAUGH! …
    Who loves to LAUGH!?!?!??! Twitter:

  5. Kelsey Ann Says:

    If you’re looking …
    If you’re looking for an awesome shopping app you should try shop kicks.
    You collect kick (points) and then use those kicks to get gift cards for
    coach, sephora, target and much more! The app is free too! 

  6. pinkva23 Says:

    You kind of sound …
    You kind of sound like an airline stewardess when you are showing us an

  7. Brittanny Pegg Says:

    Cassandra if you …
    Cassandra if you want to make the image smaller for the wallpaper go into
    settings > general > accessibility > reduce motion > on… hopefully that
    helps :)

  8. yoshielove11 Says:

    I saw my brother …
    I saw my brother playing dumb ways to die & I told him it was dumb then I
    ended up playing it all the time lol 

  9. Manuel Lee Says:

    Lol grindr
    Lol grindr

  10. Montana Papadinis Says:

    Do you have to like …
    Do you have to like bid on things 

  11. Hattie1994 Says:

    When she smacks her …
    When she smacks her lips and says umm, ugh so irritating >.<

  12. Amanda Sings Says:

    Yeah do an iPhone …
    Yeah do an iPhone video :D

  13. Mandy Conway Says:

    This was helpful,I …
    This was helpful,I never knew of half of these, so thank you and I am
    waiting for January(hide in the house weather) to get a peel for my face,
    so getting a deal will be great! Thank you for the tips! Your so sweet :-)

  14. xxcheyxx12 Says:

    On the hot look app …
    On the hot look app do they have uggs ? 

  15. Alice Says:

    the organisation of …
    the organisation of your apps would drive me crazy!!

  16. TheHarukaChan Says:

    Wow. You are …
    Wow. You are talking fast this time :O Me as german girl has really to
    concentrate to understand 🙂 But i love the shopping apps. I loaded
    Hautelook immediately

  17. Mathilda Chi Says:

    pls do what’s on my …
    pls do what’s on my phone video!!

  18. LovesDance123456789 Says:


  19. Nazmeera Mahomed Says:

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  20. Elouise Smith Says:

    I LOVE ur rings …
    I LOVE ur rings Cass!!! where did u get them?
    anyways i just wanted to let u know i am so happy u r making videos again!
    i’ve missed ur amazing advice 🙂 love u Cass and plz keep ur videos coming

  21. Leonie B. Says:

    I really would love …
    I really would love an iPhone Video!

  22. mike goode Says:

    Why do you have …
    Why do you have grindr??? LOL take care sweetie … Kisses

  23. Ernesto Delgado Says:

    Grindr? Why? Please …
    Grindr? Why? Please explain! 

  24. CynthiaMarieTV Says:

    Im doing a vid on …
    Im doing a vid on the best black friday deals, posting later! Good idea!
    Shopping apps are the best, I’m gonna do black friday apps to be specific

  25. geegeebabi17 Says:

    omg how do you do …
    omg how do you do your hairrrr, it looks beautiful :P

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