Weekly Photo MishMash – Episode #4 Photo Sharing Sites Explored

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20 Responses to “Weekly Photo MishMash – Episode #4 Photo Sharing Sites Explored”

  1. Jeffrey Moser Says:

    Good photography …
    Good photography information.

  2. PhotoRec Toby Says:

    My weekly …
    My weekly discussion of all things photo – The bulk of this discussion –
    best places to share your photos. Flickr vs 500px vs Smugmug vs Zenfolio vs
    G+ vs facebook. Which is best for you? Watch me fumble around on smugmug
    even though I have had an account with them for 6+ years. Know about the
    camera finder on Flickr? Should you watermark your images? And more

  3. Robert Duffy Says:

    Suggested title: …
    Suggested title: Our World TTL (Through the Lens). The challenge with
    editing large RAW files on an iPad is storage limitation as you say. Also
    you need to consider color calibration. Tethering and developing software
    is a niche’ that doesn’t seem to be a big money maker. 

  4. geoffphuket Says:

    The need for home …
    The need for home storage has largely been removed, now we’re about to lose
    the need for computers entirely….not a crazy theory – it’s going to
    happen. Makes sense really. Soon we’ll all have access to super computers
    with nothing but an internet connection. 

  5. Jordan Jackson-Piper Says:

    My name idea 🙂

    My name idea 🙂
    Week speak
    Have fun ;P 

  6. Lee Pinnington Says:

    Thanks for this …
    Thanks for this video real interesting, PHOTO SUMMARY #1 and so on is an
    idea. Ended up getting a Pentax K5ii for various reasons. The Ltd primes is
    one, just wanted an all round good photographic camera wasn’t bothered
    about video, this seemed to fit the bill for me personally. Still enjoying
    your uploads!

  7. garryentropy Says:

    print a nice sunset …
    print a nice sunset photo for your mom and be happy;) just what I did.

  8. Paul Dove Says:

    “Weekly stuff”
    “Weekly stuff”

  9. Cooper Griggs Says:

    Toby’s Topics
    Toby’s Topics

  10. Fred Windberg Says:

    Perfect way to end …
    Perfect way to end the week, Toby..!! I no longer share images on Facebook
    [don’t like their policies] or Google+ [becoming unfocused]. I now only
    use Flickr and may opt to add Zenfolio or Squarespace to the mix.

  11. TruiteChantante Says:

    Hi Toby,

    How about …
    Hi Toby,

    How about a video on Macro lenses and/or extension tubes?

    Thnaks for your great work!

  12. paul best Says:

    Photo Corner , …
    Photo Corner , Photo Flow ,Toby’s Weekly Exposure,

  13. Cooper Griggs Says:

    Toby’s Topics
    Toby’s Topics

  14. CheradenineZakalwe Says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the video. My audience is very small and for now i manage to
    store my fotos in private Synology NAS server.

  15. jorgepecamelo Says:

    After seeing your …
    After seeing your video I think that there are two questions we need to
    ask… What’s your adorable black cat’s name? The second is .. how do you
    feel beeing a uncle? 🙂 

  16. desk0z Says:

    Why do you not use …
    Why do you not use a network attached storage like a Synology DiskStation.
    There is a nice Photo Station in a complete new design similar to all of
    these services you mentioned in this video. You can setup your complete own
    rules, geotagging, rights, design. You have also the control over your
    pictures, storage use and so on. I think it is a nice alternative to all of
    these services in the cloud. Take a look on http://www.synology.com ;)

  17. BreakItBrent Says:

    TWT. For short. 
    TWT. For short. 

  18. BreakItBrent Says:

    Talks with Toby.

    Talks with Toby.

  19. villegas24 Says:

    Awesome vid, thank …
    Awesome vid, thank you!

  20. desk0z Says:

    Toby, I have a …
    Toby, I have a question to you about my new gear. I switched from my 700D
    (T5i) to a brand new 6D. I owned following lenses in the last couple of
    months: 100mm 2.8 L Macro, 40mm STM, 200mm Mk II 2.8 L. I have the feeling
    that all my lenses are a little bit soft on my 6D and it’s still a little
    bit complicated for me to get “in focus” or “very sharp” images like on my
    700D (T5i). I played a bit with micro adjustment but I didn’t find a big
    difference in the results. Do you think there is a problem with the 6D or
    it is only the big difference between APS-C and FF? My complete gear is
    still in warranty, should I send my complete setup to an Canon service
    partner to calibrate/adjust it? Thanks in advance, have a nice weekend. 

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