Nokia Lumia 800 Uncovered: Facebook Photo Sharing

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best photo sharing The fourth in a series of in depth videos looking at the Nokia Lumia 800 and some of its best features.This video talks about the Facebook integration and how easy it is to take a photo, tag it and share with your friends on Facebook.

A big thank you to the presenters: Edward, from and Iain from

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24 Responses to “Nokia Lumia 800 Uncovered: Facebook Photo Sharing”

  1. starsonmyceiling Says:

    I don’t have the …
    I don’t have the option to do this on my lumia, any idea why?

  2. wixostrix Says:

    If only WP7 had …
    If only WP7 had native toast notifications for Facebook and Twitter. I have the Facebook app solely for that reason but when I get the notification I just swipe it away and go straight to the ‘Me’ tile to check it out. It’s funny because the ‘Me’ tile does update, which means there is push, there just isn’t a toast notification to let you know immediately.

  3. WereYouTagged Says:

    Link on my Channel [WereYouTagged]!!

  4. JURACKY Says:

    Ya kiero ke llegue …
    Ya kiero ke llegue a México

  5. hobbas91 Says:


  6. MikeMyersization Says:

    I’ll sell my car, …
    I’ll sell my car, fly to UK and buy this phone!

  7. warex3d Says:

    The magic of …
    The magic of windows phone inside this gorgeous device.

  8. phonemophoneko Says:

    i think Nokia Lumia …
    i think Nokia Lumia 800 will be at hit!

  9. PKJohansson Says:

    i know, i had the …
    i know, i had the htc 7 pro for 3 weeks and have the omnia 7 for 5 month now^^

  10. MrChetane Says:

    Actually, even …
    Actually, even checking friend’s wall and pictures you can do through the contact list. It’s part of the phone, no need for any app.

  11. MrChetane Says:

    I have a windows …
    I have a windows phone 7.5. You don’t need to go in the facebook app to share pictures, that’s the beauty of it 🙂

  12. PKJohansson Says:

    im theory this …
    im theory this seems to be awesome, but in praxis the facebook app for wp is incredibly slow 🙁

  13. iamasmaul Says:

    : yeah man…i m …
    : yeah man…i m also confused :/

  14. monoqoque Says:

    i totally agree.i …
    i totally agree.i have a nokia E7 with symbian anna its good but it would be excellent with a bigger cpu and ram…. 🙁

  15. MrSeedyROM Says:

    To Nokia, MeeGo is …
    To Nokia, MeeGo is gone so I wouldn’t go for the N9 because there’s hardly any developer support. I’ve had it with Symbian because it lags and basically just don’t like the look anymore. I’d get a Nokia running Windows Phone because that’s obviously Nokia’s choice since they have a partnership. Until maybe a couple of months ago I didn’t like WP but now I see how nice Metro UI is and how smooth it is. Not much customisation but who cares? The Apollo update will bring great things.

  16. electron2222 Says:

    me too
    me too

  17. monoqoque Says:

    wtf i should choose …
    wtf i should choose? symbian,maego or wp7,5
    nokia make them one

  18. MileyGagaBoy Says:

    my sister …

    my sister have sold her samsung galaxy s2 to get a pink nokia n9 and she said its way better

  19. MrMykee18 Says:

    im getting n9 …
    im getting n9 tonight! 😛 sorry lumia! 🙂

  20. 9130440 Says:

    S2 all day
    S2 all day

  21. Sterda141 Says:

    Like N9, nothing …
    Like N9, nothing news.

  22. azn980980 Says:

    awkward smile. hehe
    awkward smile. hehe

  23. HankMCsuckIT Says:


  24. groMMit1981 Says:

    awesome, so is …
    awesome, so is panorama shot coming?

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