Digital Camera Tips from Chase Jarvis, Author of “The Best Camera”

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best photo sharing World-renowned and multi-award-winning photographer Chase Jarvis joins Marc again for a second interview, with new camera tips and techniques for amateurs and pros alike. Chase brings us up to speed on his new developments for helping photographers improve their photos. He has just released a new photography book, “The Best Camera”, which accompanies his camera phone app along with a photo-sharing site to form a complete ecosystem. Chase tells us how to “turn an image on its head” for dramatic impact. Watch as he gives invaluable tips for improving your craft with your digital camera.

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4 Responses to “Digital Camera Tips from Chase Jarvis, Author of “The Best Camera””

  1. lsi624 Says:

    Chase Jarvis… …
    Chase Jarvis…something that was fun for about 5 minutes

  2. mrtorro Says:

    great work, 10x 
    great work, 10x 

  3. ashjonesnwpb Says:

    i own 2 of chase …
    i own 2 of chase Jarvis’s books one of them being the best camera and the other being seattle 100, i love his work

  4. SuperDashRendar Says:

    People do this …
    People do this thing all the time it is called flickr!

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