Best Wedding Ideas for 2012: WedPics Photo Sharing App

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best photo sharing WedPics is an interactive wedding album created by your guests ( Spend more time enjoying your memories and less time chasing them down. Wedding ideas come and go but WedPics is forever. A single source for all the wedding photography through the eyes of your guests. Available for iPhone, Android and Web.

Please visit to learn more on how to get the WedPics app for your special day. WedPics also makes an incredible gift.

WedPics. For You. Forever.

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8 Responses to “Best Wedding Ideas for 2012: WedPics Photo Sharing App”

  1. Daphneduck61 Says:

    Great video and an …
    Great video and an awesome job. I hope you have lots of success with this Justin.

  2. AssassinUK Says:

    Well done! I …
    Well done! I actually came up with this idea quite a few months ago when sorting my wedding and trying to convince my fiancée to have cameras on our guests table and this idea popped into my head. I have notes and everything written down about it. Just want to say well done, looks like it might be a good app from the video. I’ll be very interested to see how you guys implemented this idea and see if you have all the parts that I thought of. Might even use this for my wedding in Sept. Good Luck.

  3. WedPicsApp Says:

    Launching August …
    Launching August 7th! To learn more, visit us at 🙂

  4. jsmille4 Says:

    LOOOOOVE IT!!!! …
    LOOOOOVE IT!!!! Hurry up and get here August 7! We’ve got a wedding to make happen!

  5. lucyloohootyhoo Says:

    WHOA! how do I …
    WHOA! how do I get this?!

  6. althrowsdown Says:

    i dig it. my …
    i dig it. my fiancé will love this. 

  7. u05ikoren Says:

    OMG! Just in time …
    OMG! Just in time for my wedding!!! Sign me up!

  8. dejaMiTV Says:

    Amazing video! …
    Amazing video! Amazing concept! 

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