Best That We Can Be – Paralympics Singapore Theme Song (Instrumental)

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best photo sharing “Best That We Can Be” was a song written because someone asked for it. It was Ms Kelly FAN of the Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) who came to one of MTL’s (Musical Theatre Limited) Songwriter Showcases in May 2008. The SDSC hosts the elite sports of the Paralympic Games and this year they are fielding Singapore athletes to Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games.

This musical composition is inspired by SDSC’s mission and the recognition that “The only diability in this world is not Daring to DREAM”.

Desmond Moey & Roland Ang first created the tune. And on one Saturday afternoon, huddled at Coffee Bean (Waterloo Street) together with Ms Stella KON and Mr CheeTian LEE, they ploughed through the lyrics, tested the sensibility and singability using the powerful BandBox software to complete the song.

Kelly FAN and Jeff ANG of SDSC find the piece carries the spirit of human excellence very well. Hence we now have this lovely song that can inspire many.

The MTL journey with SDSC (and SNPC – Singapore National Paralympic Council) is a “long distance marathonic”. It is just the beginning of a “Music and Motion” mission that will complete the drive toward not only excellence in the Elite Sports, but also the notion that disability is simply a continuum in the scale of human abilities – we do the utmost with our abilities, we be the Best That We Can Be.

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