Best iPhone App For Submitting Photos – Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa and More!

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best photo sharing

PhotoScatter is the simplest way to send photos from your iPhone or iPod Touch to many of the top photo sharing sites.


1. Select or Take a photo
2. Choose the sites you want to submit to
3. Add a title and description (optional)
4. Submit

Its that easy.

Version 1 of PhotoScatter supports the following sites:

(more coming soon)

You can submit to ALL of the sites above with one click, or only one or two its completely up to you.

Never before has it been this easy to get a photo from your iPhone or iPod Touch to your favorite photo sharing sites.

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25 Responses to “Best iPhone App For Submitting Photos – Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa and More!”

  1. lyndacallen Says:

    can you only upload …
    can you only upload one pic at a time ?

  2. spiderman16301 Says:

    is it a app
    is it a app

  3. nick32141 Says:

    What crap next time …
    What crap next time know how you app works. It sounds like a pain in the app. Try camera + it works. DOPE

  4. shyjuproxy Says:

    If you don’t have …
    If you don’t have an iPhone 4S, but still want to pose spoken questions to your device and let her speak out the answer, give ‘Voice Ask’ a try. The knowledge base behind it is huge (better than Siri) and the voice recognition works better with all accents. Work is going on to add integrated functionality that Siri offers, but for now, it’s a great app that knows details on the strangest of subjects. Get it at

  5. osolis51 Says:

    I should have read …
    I should have read all the comments before buying this piece of crap!

  6. osolis51 Says:

    Didn’t work for me. …
    Didn’t work for me. Wasted 99 cents! How do I contact the apps store that it didn’t work. Will never buy any app anymore. Once I selected the pic it did not let me share. The share screen went like a flash back to photoscatter.

  7. StarCakeCup Says:

    Why did it work …
    Why did it work for him but not me. BULLSHIT!!!!

  8. TheMrcarpkid Says:

    That app is shit
    That app is shit

  9. martymaschino Says:

    This is a pc of …
    This is a pc of took money from me how do I contact apps  store its principle now

  10. BOBO15062 Says:

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    Merry Christmas!!

  11. hellodana321 Says:

    FOR REAL!!
    FOR REAL!!

  12. hellodana321 Says:


  13. MrBassicLogic Says:

    Hey Ryan, You are a …
    Hey Ryan, You are a idiot! Don’t you think you would get the bugs out before releasing this unusable App and charge people 2 years later for this piece of crap app. One thing I learned from this is any punk azz can get an App program and call themselves an App builder. I posted with another name ( bassiclogic ), and you removed my post on your other site! People like you shouldn’t own a computer! THIS IS A RIP OFF!

  14. bassiclogic Says:

    It’s called Photo …
    It’s called Photo Scatter because when you use the app it scatters away remaining useless. I guess any idiot can make app’s. The least they could do is test them before taking people’s money for them This is a RIP OFF!

  15. bassiclogic Says:

    This app does not …
    This app does not work with ios5 iphone 4s. You click on setup and then click on facebook or any of the selection’s and reverts right back to the desktop! It’s a joke for .99.

  16. 1997MrSketchy Says:

    FUCK YOU if your …
    YOU if your going to have this app at least make it work!!! It crashes everytime DO NOT BUY!!!!

  17. suerteali1 Says:

    Want to make and …
    Want to make and sell your own iPhone app idea? Download AppWizard to create your own iPhone application without ANY programming.

  18. DjR3nny Says:

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    Found this great website! All free apps,movies,games!- beegapple․com

  19. randomnamefornow3333 Says:

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    Best apps,games,movies,all free?yes!

  20. WhosAviHDz Says:

    connect to an …
    connect to an internet source with wi=fi

  21. grandpija Says:

    I keep getting that …
    I keep getting that I have no Internet connection when I do

  22. tristle1000 Says:

    the i pod touch has …
    the i pod touch has a camera now

  23. Surfzeh Says:

    make this free wtf …
    make this free wtf paid

  24. AMomentSubmerged Says:

    please try to …
    please try to update this app i got firmware 4.2.1 and its not letting use this app at all. i pick face book or any of the others and it closes. please update this is an awesome app well it would be if i could use it haha =)

  25. shayne1231000 Says:

    i just spent $1.99 …
    i just spent $1.99 on this stupid app & it doesnt work!!!

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