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25 Responses to “Valentines day presents , Gift Idea , Anniversary gift , LUV LINKS.wmv”

  1. DemiLovatoInIkea Says:

    Great Work! Thumbs …
    Great Work! Thumbs Up!

  2. yogertlvr Says:

    Jeff awesome video …
    Jeff awesome video. Your too funny for youtube, you need to go on SNL or Mad TV. awesome job. Thanks for the invite, accepted and subbed.

  3. GlamLifeGuru Says:

    Hey Jeff … did …
    Hey Jeff … did you know your GoDaddy MomentsStore has expired?

  4. livelaughsing16 Says:

    hahah aweosme
    hahah aweosme

  5. QuishaPH Says:

    haha ur funny
    haha ur funny

  6. CoastStarlight11 Says:

    Dude you should be …
    Dude you should be on Saturday Night Live! There is some funny stuff on here, LOL!

  7. Herfortz Says:

    Hilarious video bro …
    Hilarious video bro. Thanx for sharing.

  8. 747euro Says:

    have to merge it …
    have to merge it with oxyfuel, bro

  9. planetrockford Says:

    Utterly bizarre …
    Utterly bizarre mate.

  10. Gravityunknownn Says:

    The Rock Hammer…. …
    The Rock Hammer….. for CRUSHING rocks! lol Still together hahaha

  11. slawomirnowicki63 Says:

    S U P E R !!

    S U P E R !!
    Pozdrawiam .. Sławek.

  12. VolcanPanama Says:

    Love this!!!!
    Love this!!!!

  13. barbtylor Says:

    Cool idea.
    Cool idea.

  14. Neveszy Says:

    Valentines Day is …
    Valentines Day is for lovers My boyfriend would kill for those luv links! Love Rachel

  15. mommarox2 Says:

    great idea, loving …
    great idea, loving this type of gift

  16. thagoldenchildmusic Says:


  17. littlebitmore2 Says:

    now thats when I  …
    now thats when I  can say. love is stronger than anything
    great video, very creative

  18. JulietteMusicVEVO Says:

    Wonderful video & …
    Wonderful video & very beautiful gift! Thumbs up!

  19. edurubio2000 Says:

    very nice I give …
    very nice I give you my 5***** and I invite you to my soccer´s channel clicking on my NICK :

  20. catchafly1 Says:

    valentines day …
    valentines day gifts, this is the thought that your world is intertwined with your valentine.

  21. LordSidious2008 Says:

    You have to throw …
    You have to throw these rings into volcano like some Hobbit did!
    There, you will try their power!

  22. tempedeals Says:


  23. PeacockBar Says:

    great video
    great video

  24. gwynrangeraal Says:

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  25. antifrituras Says:

    Wuahahahaha…. …
    Wuahahahaha…. I’ll publish on my facebook. You’re so funny. Great Channel. 

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