Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Boyfriend or Girlfriend, version 2.0!

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anniversary gifts ideas Valentines Day, Christmas, Birthday, and anniversary gifts ideas for a boyfriend or girlfriend, guy or girl, him or her!

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24 Responses to “Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Boyfriend or Girlfriend, version 2.0!”

  1. Joseph Wright Says:

    that is to bad. ­čÖü

    that is to bad. ­čÖü

  2. Maria Sweeney Says:

    I´╗┐ don’t like …
    I´╗┐ don’t like chocolate.

  3. StephStayed Says:

    – Oh please, lol. …
    – Oh please, lol. I’m going to be sixteen in May and I’ve already had a three and a half year relationship. Just´╗┐ because the couple’s young.. doesn’t mean a thing. Truly. There’s teenagers that just mature so much faster than others.

  4. XxStepYurCookiesUpxX Says:

    Cuz everybody know. …
    Cuz everybody know..walgreens´╗┐ has the best baby soap.

  5. Avek2 Says:

    4:42 why wount u …
    4:42 why wount u laugh your all´╗┐ the way back to the kitchen woman

  6. vikushk1 Says:

    best gift Nokia´╗┐ …
    best gift Nokia´╗┐ Lumia 800 lowest price´╗┐ (Rs. 28,190) in India at shopbychoice[dot]com

  7. JesiRoseR Says:

    no there´╗┐ 15 … …
    no there´╗┐ 15 … lol

  8. TheeKiwi7 Says:

    Hahah, This is a …
    Hahah, This is a great video, and I seriously have to say: I wish my bf would have loved coupons as much as you do. I made my´╗┐ boyfriend of a year (we are in our 20s) custom coupons (I’m a graphic artist). I made sexy coupons, date coupons, mystery date coupons that I’ve had planned out….he hasn’t really used any of the fun ones. I was kind of sad. I even did one for a strip tease. He both forgets to use them and he’s not much for gimmicky valentine’s day, overly romantic/sexy things… Ugh!

  9. Brena Caffrey Says:

    Okay,so i have been …
    Okay,so i have been dating for 1 month, and´╗┐ im 12. and my as my friends call him “boyfriend,” and he doesnt like “anything” !! do you know what i could do????

  10. PeacemakerAbbi17 Says:

    I like this video, …
    I like this video, it is very helpful. I’m 15 and Valentines day 2012 is actually 4 days after my boyfriend and mys 5 month and I was wondering what you think would be a good idea´╗┐ of something to get him for both occasions.? In our relationship we are very corny and cute. I like to surprise him alot. Any suggestions.? ­čÖé

  11. makeupxfanaticx Says:

    i hate this video …
    i hate this video because its just so sexually based and the blonde is so like.. excited´╗┐ about doing slutty things.

  12. ClauGates Says:

    I have one little …
    I have one little problem.. Me and my boyfriend are 16 years old and we live in Mexico, in our city (Aguascalientes xD) we´╗┐ don┬┤t have Victoria┬┤s secret or a Target. Next month it will be our second anniversary and I have NOOO idea what simple thing I could give him.. Could you help me please? ­čÖé

  13. PINGVIINIb Says:

    Too bad there arent …
    Too bad there arent cupongs for kitchen´╗┐

  14. kidOppertunity Says:

    I hardly think its …
    I hardly think its appropriate to encourage 15 year olds to´╗┐ go pick out sexy lingerie together from victorias secret, as you implied… she probably doesn’t even have boobs yet.

  15. nikaras1 Says:

    hey!!!!´╗┐ do you …
    hey!!!!´╗┐ do you remember me ? ­čśŤ
    i did what you told me to and i got greaaat results :))))
    she really liked it :))
    plus i got a nice little present :))

  16. Inprovence Says:

    Oh that’s a great …
    Oh that’s a great idea! Definitely do it. And´╗┐ design it with all your inside jokes, and nicknames, and things that you share, etc…

  17. Catpiklol Says:

    Actually´╗┐ I HATE …
    Actually´╗┐ I HATE chocolate xD

  18. Inprovence Says:

    @jgiakoumis Aww,´╗┐ …
    @jgiakoumis Aww,´╗┐ thanks very much!

  19. Jules313391 Says:

    Hello i so like …
    Hello i so like this vid. and the other one you made as well. but i have a Question … ive been with my Bff since i was in 7th Grade and this is now my Senior year in high skool [yay!]. he loves video games so we both agreed on getting him God Of War 1 and 2. but i wanna do a scrap book of our life together [that sounds korny >.< lol] but what do you think i should do…´╗┐ do the scrap book and if yes how should i design it.?

    with much love
    jules <3

  20. Inprovence Says:

    Best of´╗┐ luck to …
    Best of´╗┐ luck to you! Have a fantastic weekend and an amazing Valentine’s Day!

  21. kiddg1 Says:

    wow…she is just´╗┐ …
    wow…she is just´╗┐ stunning! absolutely gorgeous!!!

  22. nikaras1 Says:

    thanks soooo much …
    thanks soooo much for including me in the´╗┐ video…. ill do exactly what you suggested and come back with the results ­čÖé

  23. breakable17 Says:


  24. Sandrock2885 Says:

    strawberry dipped …
    strawberry dipped chocolates are THEE´╗┐ BEST.

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