Happy PandA – a Ultimate Paper Anniversary Gift Idea

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anniversary gifts ideas This was a special order from Paul, a Youtube friend in UK for his wife Amy as a paper anniversary gift. I think this is such a great idea for all PandA couples, Peter or Pat, and Annie or Alice etc. If you are, or happen to know someone who are a PandA couple, a gift like this would real make them feel special.
Thank you, Paul for such an inspirational gift idea. I am sure Amy will really appreciate it.

Mulberry rice paper #1, Marie’s Chinese watercolor, ground and bottled sumi ink, piston brush pens.

Duration : 0:9:42

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8 Responses to “Happy PandA – a Ultimate Paper Anniversary Gift Idea”

  1. osnapitzdolla Says:

    Those are ADORABLE …
    Those are ADORABLE :D

  2. HarleyStcool Says:

    the thing he …
    the thing he didwith the eyes was very smart

  3. dodoevilness Says:

    For some reason, it …
    For some reason, it relaxes me to watch this… Anywho, you’re a talented artist, Henry. Keep up the good work. :]

  4. lilmantt1992 Says:

    you know how to …
    you know how to paint a monkey and what are all the supplies needed to start a painting

  5. Doderhultarn89 Says:

    Thats really nice.
    Thats really nice.

  6. MrHroark Says:

    Nice work Henry…. …
    Nice work Henry….
    BTW: wet into wet would be a great subject for a future video…not covered by most ink-brush / sumi-e instruction. Thanks

  7. paul688 Says:

    Thank you Henry. …
    Thank you Henry. Amy is going to love this.

  8. Cajunninja65 Says:

    P & A haha I like …
    P & A haha I like that 🙂

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