DIY: Gift Ideas For Him or Her – Anniversary, Valentine’s Day and more

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anniversary gifts ideas Great DIY gift ideas for your significant other on any special occasion! I gave my boyfriend all of these for our anniversary and he loved them. You can also adjust these ideas for family members, friends or anyone special in your life.

What do you give your special person on special ocassions?

Here are some other ideas on gifts:

How to Make Your Own Chocolate video:

Picture on Wood video:
Another great gift idea:

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  1. Dulce Ruiz Says:

    Is the collage you …
    Is the collage you printed,
    paper or an actual picture material? 

  2. Lolo Johnson Says:

    How’d you print the …
    How’d you print the picture out?

  3. Jessica Lucca Says:

    How did you print …
    How did you print your college picture ?

  4. Jessica Lucca Says:

    Where did you buy …
    Where did you buy the glass frame?

  5. Mariana Orcillez Says:

    OMG I´m so happy I …
    OMG I´m so happy I was able to see the house since day one in this video 🙂
    good luck with the rest of your project I know that at the end is going to
    llok amazing!

  6. Olio Studios Says:

    That’s an awesome …
    That’s an awesome idea but I think I found the Ultimate wedding/anniversary
    gift! Tree Bears Carved Heart Name Print Anniversary Couples
    … … via @eBay

  7. Sugar Crown Says:

    Here are some great …
    Here are some great ideas to gift your significant other for any special
    occasion! You can also adjust these ideas for any family member, friend or
    any special person in your life. Enjoy :)

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