♥ 3 Easy & Thoughtful DIY Valentines Day/Anniversary Gifts Ideas

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anniversary gifts ideas My first DIY video! Hope you guys liked it and helped you get out of your inspirational rut ^-^~ Everything was purchased at Michael’s and Dollarama :3!

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ULZZANG PISTOL – Secret Love (feat. Yikii)

Scheming Weasel (faster version)

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25 Responses to “♥ 3 Easy & Thoughtful DIY Valentines Day/Anniversary Gifts Ideas”

  1. kimdao Says:

    LOL much dick? HAHA …
    LOL much dick? HAHA Your handwriting is SO neat! 

  2. BadLactose Says:

    Very creative ideas …
    Very creative ideas. Also, I love that you don’t shy away from talking
    about sex. It feels like most of the beauty and lifestyle vloggers on
    youtube present a very sanitized and a-sexual view of the world. Sex is
    natural and healthy and should be talked about. Kudos!

  3. Syntheticcdoll Says:

    Where are my …
    Where are my valentines giftssss?

  4. ElaineMokk Says:

    Because dickbutt.
    Because dickbutt.

  5. Hana Says:

    Omg please consider …
    Omg please consider doing more DIY videos <3

  6. SpeLinnea Says:

    Hahahahahahahha, I …
    Hahahahahahahha, I DIED when you showed the “much dick” doge. And the
    dickbutt, holy I was laughing so loud. I so hope the first one he
    opens is “I love you because…. Dickbutt”

  7. Kyasedi Says:

    Your handwriting is …
    Your handwriting is gorgeous~ I love the love coupons! 

  8. punchdrunkflame Says:

    you have nice …
    you have nice penmanship. 🙂 the “naughty” coupons are exactly what I was
    thinking of for my boyfriend, LOL, but he already gets whatever he wants,
    so… yeah. funny thing is, his birthday is right after V-Day. I love the
    “I love you because…” jar idea. I might use that one for our anniversary
    next month. 😀 thanks!~

  9. stayfunny Says:

    Your handwriting is …
    Your handwriting is SO NICE! wow! My handwriting would make those Love
    Coupons look cheap and just horrible though, haha. Very cute idea though ^^

  10. Anastashia Beavenhowser Says:

    That was super …
    That was super helpful!!! So adorable… Thank You

  11. Zoe the llama Says:

    Much dick YAS
    Much dick YAS

  12. kattscream Says:

    i love the coupons …
    i love the coupons idea. definitely gonna use that.
    BLOWJOB ;)

  13. Catastrophe Says:

    LMAO, dick butt :’)
    LMAO, dick butt :’)

  14. Yaddeu Says:


  15. Hangmann Jr Says:

    Omggg how can you …
    Omggg how can you do cursive writing so well? I use so much liquid tape
    just trying to write one word… 

  16. Eliza Coulson Says:

    i really wish …
    i really wish someone loved me so i could make one of these! :'(

  17. Avril Lavigne Says:

    u look like anime …
    u look like anime girlss u are so cuutee *-*

  18. Lydia Zhao Says:


  19. Majesty Kistler Says:

    So much dickbutt.. …
    So much dickbutt.. Front page would be proud xD

  20. Kitkat Nan Says:

    You look gorgeous …
    You look gorgeous with dark hair

  21. 5foot Giant Says:

    Much love for these …
    Much love for these gift ides! Gonna use the I love you because jar, it’s
    so cute!! 

  22. Linda Chang Says:

    Great ideas… Keep …
    Great ideas… Keep them coming!

  23. lomolvr Says:

    You have perfect …
    You have perfect handwriting for sake!

  24. MaScErRaDe95 Says:

    That song at the …
    That song at the end reminds me of trollcrank haha

  25. liviestar365 Says:

    such wow
    such wow

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