Get Cashback with Market America and SHOP.COM

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cash back shopping Do you love to shop online and make money? How about doing both at the same time?

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How Social Shopping Works?

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social shopping where users can bid for brand new merchandise.
Google or Facebook account required to bid.

This serves to verify that every bid comes from a real live person and never from automated computer software.

Never pay more than retail.

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My Top Shopping Apps on Android

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best shopping apps In this video I show my favorite shopping apps for Android. These are always in my shopping folder no matter what phone I have. In this video I show the apps on my current phone the Samsung Galaxy S3. These apps are all free at the Google Play store.

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Photo Sharing Websites – Best List

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best photo sharing Fotki
Kodak Gallery
GazoPa Bloom

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2013 Sports & Outdoors Event

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sports and outdoors 2013 Commercial for our brand new Sports & Outdoors Event being held here at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds September 6-8.

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Minecraft: Hunger Games w/Mitch! Game 358 – BETTY THE DIAMOND AXE!

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games ♦ Play on my Minecraft Server – IP: ♦
Hey Doods! ♦♦♦ ♦♦♦ Much Luv 🙂

The three-hundred and fifty-eighth Hunger Games of the marathon! Let’s see how long we can keep these daily 🙂

Server Info —
The Nexus:

Hope you enjoyed – and if you did please give the video a thumbs up!
Much luv!

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Electronics Tutorial #1 – Electricity – Voltage, Current, Power, AC and DC

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electronics View all my tutorials and videos:
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Basic / beginners Electronics Tutorial / course / lesson – Voltage, Current, Power, AC and DC
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In this tutorial I cover the following:

* Some history about electricity / central power stations / electrification.
* Science of electron flow in a conductor / wire
* I use fluid dynamics in a pipe to explain voltage (pressure), current in Amps (flow) and consumption in Amp hours (rate of flow).
* We look at AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) on the UNI-T UT81B scopemeter
* We look at how voltage / pressure is required to charge a 12 volt battery
* What is electricity? / How does electricity work?

Topics for future videos in this series:

* Ohms law, resistance, power, energy
* Electronic components – diodes, transistors, FETS, capacitors, digital logic gates, integrated circuits, 555 timer.
* Series and parallel circuits
* Op amps and feedback

Duration : 0:40:2

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Best Digital Camera 2014

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digital cameras Discover the best digital cameras to buy in 2014. if you looking for best price to purchase best digital camera. If you are planning to buy the best digital camera, purchase one that suits your lifestyle. Best digital camera 2014 Check it out!

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Unique Holiday Gifts for Dog Lovers

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pet lover gifts Woof! Check out the slide show of great gifts, from $8-$40.

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christmas gift ideas Yay for holidays! Enter my giveaway for $200 Luvocracy credit:
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Everything mentioned in this video will be on my Luvocracy page so feel free to take a peek 😉

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Diamond Bar, CA 91765
(for those asking- I do not live in Diamond Bar, I just have a PO Box there! xo)

Disclaimer: I am affiliated with Luvocracy and they are hosting the giveaway! Everything shown in this video were purchased with my own money doe 😉 except the boyzz stuff. Those were Arnold’s stuff.

THE ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE, christmas giveaway, holiday giveaway, holiday gift guide, ThatsHeart, ThatsHeartTV

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