Shopping Discounts Deals Coupons and Cashback

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cash back shopping

Shopping Discounts Deals Coupons and Cashback

This will change the way you shop. Get alerts on coupons & deals plus earn Cashback.

Find great deals on all your favorite stores and always be earning Cashback! Over 3,500 Stores: Walmart, target, kohls, macys, jc penney, Nordstrom, coach, forever 21, staples, walgreens, Nike, cvs,, dillards, home depot, lowes and all your name brands.

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Memofish – Social Shopping Reinvented –

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social shopping

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Best Shopping Apps! Your Phone & Wallet Will Thank You!

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best shopping apps Check Out TopHatter Here! Tophatter Mobile Link! Check Out Ebay! Check Out Groupon Check Out Lifebooker Check Out HauteLook Click SHOW MORE!!!

Yesterday’s Video: DIY Pumpkin Face Mask For Acne!!
My Favorite Brands That Give Back! Change The World By Shopping!!!

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This episode was created by the use of capital from benefactors.
If you decide to click any link, I am not paid any commission or any monitory benefit for it. These links are solely there for your convenience and are of no benefit to me πŸ™‚

What I’m Wearing In This Video:
Black V Neck T Shirt From TopShop
Purple Cardigan From GAH I Don’t Remember Where!
Red Stanford Sweatpants
Black Ribbon Hairband
Tophatter Necklace Silver Owl & Leaf
Aldo Two Finger Ring
Tiffany Silver Heart Earrings

Mom: “How are your grades this semester?”
Me: “Mom, what’s important is that we have our health.”

πŸ˜€ more tweets at πŸ™‚

Makeup In This Video:
Givenchy Foundation
Dermablend Setting Powder
Jane Cosmetics Pink Blush
Maybeline Highlighter
Neutrogen Moisture Chapstick
Natural Eye Tutorial!:


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Photo Sharing Websites Free – Best Photo Sharing Site Shutter Pals

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best photo sharing A photo sharing websites and best photo sharing site that connects photographers from around the world. Join free to make friends, upload photos, photo chat, get photography advice and more.

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zumba fitness Fiesta Sports & Outdoors zumba fitness dvd for beginners

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sports and outdoors zumba fitness Fiesta

Zumba Fitness Exhilarate: The Ultimate Experience DVD
Zumba Advanced Workout Dvd
Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System DVD Set
HIP HOP ABS DVD Set – 6 Workouts Set
TurboFire Greatest HIITs: 20 Minute High Intensity Workout DVD
Gaiam Kettlenetics Slim and Tone Kit
Body Gospel Workout DVD Program: Inspire Your Soul & Transform Your Body
Billy Blanks Tae Bo Amped DVD Set
Georges St-Pierre RUSHFIT 8 Week Ultimate Home Training Program

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Minecraft – Hunger Games – Teammate Dual Kills!

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games Minecraft – Hunger Games – Failing in Minecraft!
Join The Team:

Server IP:

Main Channel: Facebook:
Twitter: Tumblr:

Hardcore Minecraft:
Minecraft Hunger Games:
Bioshock Infinite Let’s Play:
Dr. David Brown:
Survival Minecraft:
Losing Weight Vlogs:

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Electronics Tutorial #9 – Capacitors – Part 1

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electronics View all my tutorials and videos:
—————————— Click “Show more” ——————————————-
This electronics tutorial is on capacitors, how they work and some practical applications.
In this video I cover:
* What is a capacitor?
* How do capacitors work?
* Characteristics of capacitors – ESR (equivalent series resistance), ESL (equivalent series inductance), impedance at different frequencies.
* How dielectric, plates and distance account for capacity.
* RC time constant
* How to calculate the value of a capacitor using the RC time constant and an oscilloscope?
* Effect of DC and AC on a capacitor and impedance.
* Capacitors connected in series and parallel.
* Capacitors and coupling / decoupling / filtering.
* Capacitor role in digital electronics – ADC (analog to digital converters)
* Variable air capacitors
* How to choose a capacitor based on capacity, frequency, operating voltage, temperature and ESR.
* Tools to measure and troubleshoot capacitors – multimeters LCR meters, ESR meters.
* Safety and capacitors – how to safely discharge capacitors –
* The future of capacitors – supercapacitors, hybrid capacitors, ultra capacitors, double layer capacitors to power electronics and cars?

Practical application of capacitors used to filter ripple in an AC to DC power supply:

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digital cameras – Medium format digital camera is quite expensive electronic device. While significantly cheaper compact and mid-size DSLR consumer digital cameras are used in our daily lives included some professional areas, the medium format digital cameras are only dedicated to the highest level of fashion and commercial photography. Due to its extremly high image resolution combined with the latest imaging technology, medium format digital cameras became essential in any professional phtographer studio. No fashion models, no illustrated magazine and most of photography arts would be alive today without the best medium format digital cameras and their incredible high photographic perfomance. In my video I present brands like Hasselblad, Leica but also very affordable medium format digital camera like Pentax 645D that is world’s most accesible camera of its class. No doubt that Hasselblad H5D-60 is with its 60 Megapixels and latest imaging technology the top of the class. You can probably be missing brands like Mamiya or Phase One. These two brands are more defined like medium format digital camera platform and digital camera backs than a serie stand-alone digital device with its features. In my short video you can find only best rated products including the medium format digital camera for less than $6900. Reviews –

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pet lover gifts

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pet lover gifts Buy Cats Meow Now : pet lover gifts

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7 Christmas Gift Ideas!

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christmas gift ideas Thumbs up for DIY gift guide!!! =) thanks for watching and being nice to me lol.. Sorry I’m quiet!! People were shleeeepingggg x)

My luvocracy page:
iPhone/iPad Luvocracy App:
Android Luvocracy App:

Pj bottoms -target
Aromatherapy candle- target
Tazo rest tea – Amazon
faults in our stars book – Target
Clip Photo holder –
Sequin stockings -target
Benefit gift set – Ulta
Tart lip gloss gift set – ulta
Bath robe – target
Shower gel – Ulta
Stocking stuffers – Ulta
Slippers- Ulta
3 piece tight set-
Glue gun- amazon
Mod podge- target
gems- target
Precision scissors- target
giraffe earbuds – target
itunes gift card
floral phone case- target





FTC: bought everything on my own (except luvocracy photo thingy..I asked them for that ^_^) These are real gifts that I’m gifting to my friends and family…and stay tuned because I will be giving YOU guys some gifts in my next vid! =)

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