The Learning Journey Shop and Learn Cash Register

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cash back shopping
Product Description”Lets go shopping”. Kids love to role play and the Shop and Learn Cash Register gives them the opportunity to play grown up shoppers! Three play modes encourage kids to shop, count, identify food and determine values. This electronic talking register guide children through learning with encouraging words, amusing sounds and fun games. Kids will have a great time scanning food, entering coins, sliding the credit card and opening the cash drawer. Shop and Learn Cash Register will quickly become a favorite! Ages 2+ years.

cash back shopping

“Hello, how are you today, are you ready to play?”

cash back shopping

“Let’s play Find It!”

Play Mode
Children will be enteratined and amused in the play mode. The friendly talking Cash Register will ask your child to slide a food item over the scanner or press a button. When the child slides the food item over the scanner or presses a button the cash register will tell them which food was scanned or number they pressed. The Cash Register comes with 5 different food items-Purple Grapes, Orange Carrots, Yellow Cheese, Green Brocolli, and a Red Apple. Cash Register also comes with five coins and one credit card. The play mode is fun and exciting and introduces numbers and basic counting skills. This mode aslo reinforces listening and problem solving abiilities.

Find It! Mode
The Find It! mode will amuse your child and engage them for hours on end! This mode is a ton of fun and children will not even realize that they are learning at the same time! Shop and Learn Cash Register will ask your child to find a certain number or food item. After they press the button or scan the food item, Cash Register will answer with positive reinforcement and will give the child three chances to get the correct answer before moving on to the next question. The Find It! Mode also reinforces listening skills as well as language and social interaction skills. Children will have such a great time with Shop and Learn Cash Register’s encouraging words and fun games.

Shopping Mode
The Shopping Mode encourages your child to role play! In this mode, Shop and Learn Cash Register allows children to buy a food item and then asks them to pay for the it. The child scans the food item and Cash Register will tell them the cost. The child can pay for it with the coins or pay by credit card. With the built in cash drawer your child has acess to their deposited funds! “This is an adorable little register, perfect for when the kids play “store”. I love the scanner that comes with it, and the healthy food choices to purchase! Very smart and simply adorable.” Barb from Aurora, CO.

What’s In The Box?
Creative Child Magazine’s 2011 Top Toy of the Year award in Electronic Educational Toys Category, Shop and Learn Cash Register, five plastic food items, five colorful coins and one credit card!

cash back shopping

“Let’s go shopping! What would you like to buy today?”

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Inside Toyland: Working, Shopping, and Social Inequality

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social shopping
Product Description

“I got my first job working in a toy store when I was 41 years old.” So begins sociologist Christine Williams’s description of her stint as a low-wage worker at two national toy store chains: one upscale shop and one big box outlet. In this provocative, perceptive, and lively book, studded with rich observations from the shop floor, Williams chronicles her experiences as a cashier, salesperson, and stocker and provides broad-ranging, often startling, insights into the social impact of shopping for toys. Taking a new look at what selling and buying for kids are all about, she illuminates the politics of how we shop, exposes the realities of low-wage retail work, and discovers how class, race, and gender manifest and reproduce themselves in our shopping-mall culture.

Despite their differences, Williams finds that both toy stores perpetuate social inequality in a variety of ways. She observes that workers are often assigned to different tasks and functions on the basis of gender and race; that racial dynamics between black staff and white customers can play out in complex and intense ways; that unions can’t protect workers from harassment from supervisors or demeaning customers even in the upscale toy store. And she discovers how lessons that adults teach to children about shopping can legitimize economic and social hierarchies. In the end, however, Inside Toyland is not an anticonsumer diatribe. Williams discusses specific changes in labor law and in the organization of the retail industry that can better promote social justice.

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The Cricket Game

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best shopping apps

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PixMix – Photo sharing

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best photo sharing

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The Worst Case Scenario Almanac: The Great Outdoors

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sports and outdoors
Product DescriptionBears. Avalanches. Grill fi res. The great outdoors is packed with perils, so be prepared from the moment you lace up your boots. With detailed instructions on how to get out of every kind of trouble in the wild, this new, dynamic almanac format in the best-selling Worst-Case Scenario series provides maximum protection and gives you something scary to read around the campfire. Profiles of worst-case locations and intrepid explorers, charts and graphs of perilous situations, offbeat lists and facts here is all the information you need in the wilderness to feel safe and terrified at the same time.

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Tongue Twisters for Kids

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Product Description”Rubber baby buggy bumpers” – Say this three times as fast as you can. How about, try saying ” Loopy lizards lying lazily aloft a little lane of logs,” without messing up. This Tongue Twister book is huge collection of funny phrases, ridiculous rhymes, and silly sentences that will have kids laughing for hours. Each one challenges your mouth muscles as you try to say these tongue twisters faster and multiple times.

A tongue twister is a phrase that is supposed to be difficult to articulate properly. Often times they take practice to say correctly. Tongue twisters are good practice for children as they learn to form words, phrases, and vowels. It’s hard to say a tongue twister without a smile on your face. Each tongue twister in this book has it’s own silly illustration. Kids will be entertained with these tongue twisters for hours.

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Product Description★ ★ ★ ★ ★ WAGmob: Over One million paying customer ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

WAGmob brings you Simple ‘n Easy, on-the-go learning book for “Electronics”.

The book provides:

Snack sized chapters for easy learning.

Designed for both students and adults.

This book provides a quick summary of essential concepts in Electronics by following snack sized chapters:

•Introduction to Electronics.
•Applications of Electronics.
•Electronics Vocabulary.
•Electric Circuits.
•Electrical Components.
•Electron Current and Conventional Current.
•AC (Alternating Current).
•Applications of AC.
•DC (Direct Current)
•Applications of Direct Current.
•Advantages of AC over DC.

Electricity and Magnetism:
•Electric Field.
•Electric Charge and Electricity.
•Coulomb’s Law.
•Ohm’s Law.
•Conductance and Resistance.
•Magnetic Field.
•Electromagnetic Induction.
•Gauss’s Law.
•Electric Flux of a Point Charge over a Spherical Gaussian Surface.
•Charge Density.
•Electric Field for Gaussian Surface.

•Types of Resistors.
•Linear Resistors.
•Fixed Resistors.
•Carbon Composition Resistor.
•Wire Wound Resistors.
•Color Code for Resistance.
•Variable Resistor.
•Non-Linear Resistors.
•Unit of Resistance.
•Power as a Function of Resistance.

•Unit of Capacitance.
•Types of Capacitor.
•Fixed Capacitor.
•Ceramic Capacitor.
•Paper Capacitors.
•Mica Capacitors.
•Plastic Film Capacitors.
•Electrolytic Capacitors.
•Variable Capacitors.
•Capacitance Determination.
•Physical Characteristics of Capacitors.

•Unit of Inductance.
•Types of Inductor.
•Air Core Coil Inductor.
•Ferromagnetic Core Coil Inductor.
•Variable Inductor.
•Application of Inductors.
•Relationship between Inductor Current and Voltage.
•Coupling of Inductors.
•Physical Characteristics of Inductors.

Kirchhoff’s Laws:
•Kirchhoff’s Laws.
•Kirchhoff’s Current Law (KCL).
•Example on Kirchhoff’s Current Law.
•Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law (KVL).
•Example on Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law.
•Notations Used.

Series and Parallel Circuits
•Series Circuits.
•Series Combination for Resistors.
•Series Combination for Inductors.
•Series Combination for Capacitors.
•Total Power for Series Circuit.
•Parallel Circuits.
•Parallel Combination for Resistance.
•Product over the Sum.
•Reciprocal Method.
•Equal Resistances Method.
•Graph Method.
•Parallel Combination for Inductors.
•Parallel Combination for Capacitors.

•Semiconductor Diode or Junction Diode.
•Biasing of Diodes.
•Application of Diodes.
•Types of Semiconductor Diodes.
•Light Emitting Diode (LED).
•Laser Diode.
•Zener Diode.
•Schottky Diodes.
•Varicaps or Varactor Diodes.
•Avalanche Diode.

•Types of Semiconductors.
•Intrinsic Semiconductors.
•Extrinsic Semiconductors.
•N-type Semiconductors.
•Energy Band Diagram of N type Semiconductor.
•P-type Semiconductors.
•Energy Band Diagram of P type Semiconductor.

•Types of Transistors.
•Transistor Terminals.
•Functions of Transistor Terminals.
•Transistor Symbols.
•Transistor Biasing.
•Operating Conditions for Transistor.
•Application of Transistors.

Circuit Symbols
Measuring Instruments
Number System and Digital Electronics
Digital Logic Gates I
Digital Logic Gates II

About WAGmob books:

1) A companion book for on-the-go, bite-sized learning.
2) Offers value for money (a lifetime of free updates).
3) Over One million paying customers from 175+ countries.

WAGmob Vision : Simple ‘n easy books for a lifetime of on-the-go learning.

Visit us :

Please write to us at We would love to improve this book.

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Canon PowerShot A2500 16MP Digital Camera with 2.7-Inch LCD (Red)

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digital cameras
Product DescriptionThe Canon PowerShot A2500 Compact Digital Camera with 16 megapixels makes highly advanced imaging technology fun and easy to use. The 16.0 Megapixel sensor and DIGIC 4 Image Processor capture a wealth of detail and natural color so even your enlarged images have impressive resolution. With the 5x Optical Zoom with 28mm Wide-Angle lens everything from close-up snaps to breathtaking landscapes is within your reach. Smart AUTO recognizes 32 shooting situations and automatically chooses the proper camera settings and Digital IS keeps dark scenes and fast-moving subjects sharp and steady. Preserving memories in lifelike 720p HD video is as easy as pressing the dedicated movie button and Scene Modes like Fisheye Effect, Toy Camera Effect and Monochrome give you new ways to shoot more creatively. Plus you can shoot longer with ECO Mode, which reduces power consumption. A Help Button makes the PowerShot A2500 perfect even for beginners, with one-touch access to helpful instructions and advice.

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Luxepets In Loving Memory, Pet Lovers Cat Memorial Candle

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pet lover gifts
Product DescriptionWe lovingly created these candles for any animal lovers who are grieving for their sweeties. Your customers can send one of our pet sympathy candles instead of flowers or cards. Luxepet’s -inchin loving memory-inch aromatherapy candles hold a loving message on the cover with a loving prayer/blessing on the underside. Using a relaxing blend of lavender and tangerine, this keepsake 2.7oz silver tin is hand poured with pure essential oils. Burn time of over 25 hours. This caring gift is elegantly wrapped in a sheer organza sachet. Gift enclosure card included.

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LadyGirl Christmas On Sale! Vintage Owl Necklace Long Pattern Necklace Coat Chain, Gift Idea, Gift Box Included

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christmas gift ideas
Product DescriptionMaterial: alloy Specification: pendant part 4 * 5.5 cm, chain length 28 cm

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